When your air compressor operates inefficiently or malfunctions, it may be tempting to invest in a new one. In fact, it may be worth your while to get it overhauled instead. Here are some times when a compressor overhaul makes more sense than a replacement.

If it's new

If you have not been using your compressor for very long, it is probably better to get it repaired. This is particularly true if it has not given you any problems in the past. A compressor that is prone to breaking down is likely to remain a problem in the future, but every compressor has an overhaul in it. If your compressor is basically sound and still in good condition, you should get it overhauled rather than replaced.

If it's still efficient

New types of compressors are coming onto the market all the time, and they are becoming more and more energy efficient. This means there may be savings to be made if you replace the unit. You should think carefully about this, however. The mere fact that you have had your compressor for a while does not necessarily mean that it has been superseded.  Do a bit of research and see if your unit is still one of the more efficient types available. If it is not obsolete, you will probably not save anything by getting a new one and should have it overhauled instead.

If parts are available

Another issue will be the availability of spare parts. If your compressor is an older model and has become obsolete, it may be difficult or even impossible to get replacement parts for it. In this case, overhauling it will not be an option. However, parts are still readily obtainable for a large number of compressors, even ones that are no longer manufactured. If your overhauling service can get the parts, you can save money by having it repaired instead of getting a new one.

If you don't need to upgrade

Finally, one argument in favour of replacement is that you just need a bigger one. If your business has outgrown the equipment that you originally bought, this could be the opportunity you need to upgrade. However, there is no point in doing this if you don't need to. If your current compressor is adequate for your needs, consider getting an overhaul rather than an expensive upgrade that you don't need.

If you are in any doubt, just talk to a compressor overhaul service who will be happy to give you further advice on repairing your air compressor. For more information on compressor overhauls, contact a professional near you.