You need equipment to manage the flow if you own a silo or other storage facilities for materials like floor. Air cannons are one of the most commonly used equipment in the setup. The equipment shoots bursts of compressed air into the chute to dislodge built-up materials. They help prevent build-ups that can harm the smooth movement of the materials in the production process. Here are the top three reasons you should consider using air cannons in your manufacturing packaging and storage processes. 

They Reduce Silo Cleanout Frequency  

The number of times you clean out your silo depends on how much materials build up inside the chutes and other parts of the system. The air cannons work by blasting air up the system, which dislodges anything stuck in any part of the flow process. Because of the constant cleanup, you will not have to worry about residue getting stuck in the system. You also spend less time and effort in the cleanup process. 

They Reduce Environmental Pollution

Consider the environmental impact of your manufacturing activities as the manager. Ideally, get machinery with the smallest carbon footprint. An air cannon does not need as much fuel as other methods of dislodging things stuck in the hard-to-access parts of the silo. The blaster also uses air to remove anything stuck up the system, meaning it doesn't create unnecessary environmental hazards. The modern canons also have filters, which ensure clean air gets inside the system, preventing contamination. 

They Don't Need Much Maintenance

Maintenance is a challenge in most industrial and warehousing setups. Some machinery can easily get damaged during the blasting and dislodging and needs constant maintenance to remain in an excellent state. The modern models of air canons are different because the manufacturers design them to serve a modern silo for a long time. You can have a canon installation specialist install the system. They will ensure that parts of the system, like trigger valves, firing systems, and reservoirs, are aligned and have the ideal capacity for the task. The experts also help with minor and periodic maintenance tasks and processes to keep the air cannons working optimally. 

There are few tried and tested professionals in installing and servicing air cannons. You should speak to them and get their guidance in choosing and installing a system. Also, they can help with maintenance and upkeep guidance to give you the best value for your money.