If your maintenance crew has to spend any time working on your roof, then you need to ensure that they have all the height safety products they need. In some cases, it makes sense to put guardrails around the roof, for example, if your pitch is very steep or your crew need to be on the roof regularly.

While you can fix permanent safety guardrails around the edges of your roof, you can also use foldable products. How do folding guardrails work and what are the benefits of using them?

What Are Folding Safety Guardrails?

You attach the base of folding guardrails to your roof in much the same way as you would regular rails. So some rails attach to the edge of a roof, while others are attached to the roof itself. The main difference is that the guardrails aren't fixed in one position. When you aren't using them, they fold back on the roof and lock into position.

So, when you need to work on the roof, you pull the rails up and lock them into place. They then offer better safety protection around the roof so that your crews can work on the roof without the risk of falling off the edge. When you're done, you can put the rails down again.

What Are the Advantages of Using Folding Safety Guardrails?

Folding guardrails give you a robust safety solution without affecting the way your roof looks. You only put these rails up when you need their protection. The rest of the time, they sit out of sight on your roof. This is a useful solution if you don't like the look of a line of rails on your roof. You might think that a permanent solution spoils the aesthetics of your building.

Foldable rails are also less likely to become damaged. For example, if you install permanent rails, then a storm or high wind might blow debris onto the rails. If something heavy enough hits a rail, then it could bend or break. You might have to repair the rail or replace part of it. If your guardrails fold down when not in use, then they get extra protection. They are out of harm's way.

Folding guardrails could also improve the security of your building. If burglars can see permanent rails on your roof, then they might see it as a viable access point. If they can't see rails on the roof, then they might not risk trying to access your building that way.

To find out more about folding guardrails and their benefits, contact height safety products suppliers near you.