Wooden pallets and boxes are a great help when it comes to storing your goods and items. They come in all shapes and sizes and make a good transportation option. But what happens once you've already moved or transported the goods? What do you do to the boxes left over? Well, not to worry. Apart from storage, wooden boxes also have a number of decorative uses around the home. They could even give your home a stylish appeal. You just have to know where to put them. Here are a few tips on decorating your home using these boxes.


The look of old wood as a table centerpiece can boost the table setting by a long shot. If you've got a small wooden box, don't throw it away. Simply fill the box with some soil and then place some flowers in a well-arranged fashion. Use fresh flowers directly from your garden or buy them at your nearest grocery store. Fluffy flowers make good table pieces by keeping the table more attractive. Additionally, you could also get the ones that bloom all through the summer such as hydrangeas. You'll also want to have a flower that gently spills out the box in addition to the fluffy ones. A string of pearls is a good option. It's a succulent flower that sprawls over container edges.

Pallet cube lights

Another great homemade project you can go for is a pallet cube light. You can construct these lights by creating gaps in the wooden box or enlarging the openings between the individual pallet boards. Finally, place a bulb inside the pallet. You could even create patterns across the box that would be illuminated on the walls once you place your bulb inside. Such cube lights can be used in the garden or even inside your home.

Garden box

If you're looking at a pretty large wooden box and don't know what to do with it, then take it to the garden. Yes, a large wooden box or pallet could make a glamorous vertical flower garden. Simply support it in a vertical position and then hang your flowers in baskets or planters. You could add a better effect by painting the pallets. The best part about using these boxes as vertical gardens is that they can be easily moved to a different location in case the sun doesn't strike them well. Pallets and wooden boxes are also strong enough to support any baskets and planters.