Hiring or renting scaffolding is a good choice for any contractor and even for home projects; scaffolding can keep you safer than a shaky ladder while providing a large work surface for your tools and even another worker. Many places rent scaffolding for a day or several days, so you can get the pieces you need for one job without having to invest too much money in purchasing scaffolding outright. When you are ready to rent the pieces, note a few factors to keep in mind so you know you get the right type.

1. Steel versus aluminum

Steel scaffolding is typically heavier and stronger than aluminum, so it may be more sturdy to use outdoors, as it might be less likely to shake in heavy winds. However, you do need to note its overall weight when you are ready to transport it, as it can easily put your vehicle overweight when it comes to towing or hauling capacity. Heavy steel might also be more prone to leaving marks or damage on interior flooring because of the stress of its added weight, and depending on the size of the pieces, this weight can also make it more difficult to assemble. If you're concerned about using the scaffolding on delicate flooring or putting it together yourself, you might opt for aluminum.

2. Internal ladder

You may be legally required to have an internal ladder attached to your scaffolding, and there may be requirements as to how the ladder is angled and its overall length compared to the height of the scaffolding. If you try to rent or hire scaffolding without its own internal ladder, you may be asked if you have a heavy-duty ladder that would fit and hook onto the scaffolding. If not, you may be required to rent scaffolding with this ladder attached so you can be compliant with local regulations, so be prepared for that.

3. Number of platforms

You may see scaffolding advertised as one-high, two-high, and three-high, and this typically refers to the number of platforms it offers. This can be a good choice for when you will have multiple workers on the same job, but be sure you choose scaffolding that is advertised as including these extra platforms. Trying to simply put a piece of plywood over the length of scaffolding can be very dangerous. Any makeshift platform you use could easily buckle in the middle if the weight is not properly supported, or it could slide off the scaffolding frame. Always choose pieces that support the number of platforms you need rather than trying to create platforms on your own.

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