Scaffolding is great, and sometimes essential, equipment when you need to perform building projects on your home. Aluminium scaffolding hire is a good way to get access to the equipment without having to buy it yourself. However, when hiring equipment, it's difficult to be absolutely certain how to handle it in order to keep safe. To be safe and avoid injuries while hiring scaffolding, there are a few things you should think about.


Falling is the most common accident people have when scaffolding is involved. If you were to fall from the scaffolding, you can get injured even if you aren't very high up. This is why you should always use rope and harnesses when working on the scaffolding. If it isn't provided by the aluminium scaffolding hire company, you need to either hire or purchase it from another company. Make sure all ropes are tied properly and that the harnesses fit everybody who needs to use them. Too large harnesses can be almost as dangerous as not wearing one at all, as you might slip out of the harness while falling, or have the harness go up and get stuck around your throat.

Leaving things

Another important thing to remember is to never leave tools, material, or garbage on top of the scaffolding. This can create a dangerous situation if it were to fall down and hit someone who's standing underneath the scaffolding. You should especially remember this when you're up on the scaffolding while you're working. It's easy to put tools down when you have to do something else and then forget about it. Your movements just make it even more plausible that the item is going to fall down. Equip yourself and your helpers with a tool belt where you can put your tools while working. You should also remember to throw or hoist waste material down to the ground in a controlled manner.


Another thing you should think about is what you and your helpers are wearing when you're working on the scaffolding. You should wear heavy boots made from a sturdy material with rubber soles. The soles are especially important as you need to be able to avoid slipping even if the scaffolding has spillage from fluid on it that makes it especially slippery. You should also wear a hardhat that reaches all building standards to protect yourself while you're working on the ground. Even if there are no tools left on the scaffolding, it's always better to be safe and protect your head while working.

For more information, talk to an aluminium scaffolding hire.