Price is often a determining factor when you buy a grinder. However, the cost of the tool doesn't always reflect a number of the more vital factors such as performance level, operating cost as well as tool life that make tools such as a grinder worthwhile. Here are several aspects to consider to assist you buy quality power tools.

Output power

The amount of power needed by a tool for operation, also known as input power, can be deceptive in judging the competency, power and value of the grinding tool. The tool may boast of an input power of 600 watts; however, this wattage rating doesn't essentially translate to real grinding power. During usage, the tool loses power in the form of heat from different segments of the tool, including the wiring, cord, and motor. In effect, the total amount of power applied for tool operation is significantly reduced.

A more effective number to ascertain the performance level of a grinder machine is its output power. A tool boasting of an output power of 600 watts guarantees that 600 watts will be fully utilized to run the tool.


Torque--the spinning force of a grinder--tells a lot about the power of a grinder machine. The number of stock done away with per spin of the grinding wheel is directly equivalent to the torque or amount of force with which the wheel rotates.

For instance, consider two grinding tools each featuring a no-load speed of 5,000 rotations per minute. Note that the grinder's torque controls the tool's rotation per minute under load conditions. Therefore, a tool with a higher torque or turning force is able to maintain a speedy level of rotation when subjected to load conditions. On the other hand, the revolutions per minute of the tool with a lower torque is significantly reduced when subjected to load conditions.

At the end of the day, grinding tools with higher torque can move plenty of stock over a given period of time compared to those with lower torque.

Making an assured purchase

Cheaper priced tools can satisfy the above-mentioned criteria. A high price tag of a device doesn't always translate to high quality. Understanding what features to search for and analyze when buying power tools will go a long way in helping you make an assured purchase. It is at that point that you can be sure you're getting a tool that's worth your outlay.