Proper maintenance and regular servicing is also key to a having a properly functioning hydraulic log splitter. For this reason, it's important to diagnose some of the problems that may affect your hydraulic splitter as early as possible so that you find solutions. To help you, here are some hydraulic log splitter issues you should watch out for.

Leaking Hydraulic Cylinder

If the hydraulic cylinder on your log splitter is leaking, the seals in the cylinder could be broken or worn out, allowing oil or fluid to leak out. In addition, check the bleed valve as well to make sure it's tightened properly. Worn out cylinder seals should be replaced. If the hydraulic leak is from around the shaft of your log splitter's hydraulic pump, then the shaft is faulty and you need to have the hydraulic pump assembly replaced.

Stalling Engine

If your engine stalls when the wedge starts splitting a log, the log could be too heavy, causing it to overload your hydraulic cylinder. An overloaded hydraulic cylinder will lead to engine stalls. For this reason, try lessening the load and monitor the behaviour or performance of the engine. If it doesn't stop, the hydraulic hose could be blocked and therefore has to be unclogged. Moreover, the directional control valve may be damaged, and as such, you will have to replace it.

Logs Won't Split

There are various causes of a splitter that won't split logs. First, the positioning of the log on your splitter and the size of the log could be the problem. Logs should not be placed past the maximum dimensions required for the splitter. Check your owner's manual to know the exact dimensions for your splitter's model.

The wedge could also be nicked, especially if you have been using your splitter for a while. Try sharpening the wedge and see how your splitter performs. If the fluid level is low, your logs may also not split. Therefore, check your hydraulic fluid level and top it. Remember that low fluid levels or contaminated fluid can also result in slow wedge movements. Therefore, if filling the fluid reservoir doesn't work, try replacing your hydraulic fluid.

Cylinder Rod Won't Move

If the cylinder rod of your log splitter doesn't move, check your fluid level and fill it if necessary. In addition, check the pump coupler between your hydraulic pump and the engine pump. If it's damaged or worn out, look into hydraulic repair services.