Whether you are constructing a new home, renovating your current home or simply looking to replace old windowpanes, one of the things to consider would be switching to double glazed windows. Not only do these windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residence, but also they offer an array of functional benefits. Here are some of the reasons to invest in double glazed windows.

Double glazed windows are thermal efficient

One of the greatest benefits of double glazed windows is their thermal efficiency during both the cold and hot months. Double glazed windows comprise two panels of glass that have been joined together. During the colder months, the layer in between these panels provides a barrier that works toward keeping the cold temperature from penetrating your residence. This reduces the amount of heat lost by your home, hence reducing the amount of air conditioning that you would need to keep your residence warm. Additionally, you can opt to have your double glazed windows made from low emissivity glass, which also works toward the reduction of heat loss via your windowpanes.

Just as the double glazed windows provide thermal insulation during the winter months, they do the same during the summer months. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your home cool, closing your double glazed windows ensures that the high temperatures from the outside do not permeate the windowpanes, which also works toward decreasing your air conditioning costs.

Double glazed windows have reduced condensation

With single pane windows, you will find that condensation is prone to forming as the cold air from the outdoors comes into contact with the warm surface of the windowpanes. Since double glazed windows have a layer of gas in between them, the panes typically stay at room temperature. This greatly decreases the amount of condensation that will form on them, hence eliminating much of the dampness that forms on windows. Condensation tends to be a serious problem during the winter months. The higher the amount of condensation, the higher the risk of damage to your window frames, especially if they are made from timber. This is why you will find some wood frames rotting and deteriorating before their time.

Double glazed windows provide auditory insulation

If you live in area prone to ambient noises such as children playing outside, traffic, public transportation and more, you may be looking for a way to reduce the amount of noise pollution in your home. Double glazed windows provide a degree of auditory insulation due to the layer of gas between the laminated panes. As noise travels through the windows, the gap between the laminated panes dilutes some of the noise, thus ensuring there is less noise pollution in your home.