As you are undoubtedly aware, timber crates are ideal shipping containers for various industries, because of their sturdiness and versatility.  However, even if you secured a good deal on the purchase of your timber crates, you will be looking to get as much use out of them as possible.

When you look after them properly, they can last a very long time and in the following article we will discuss some of the handy care tips you can implement to help:

Always Store Them In Covered Areas

Regardless of how durable and strong timber is, when it is left exposed to the elements for too long, it can weaken, become brittle and water damaged; all of which can affect it's lifespan.  Therefore, it is important to store timber crates in a covered area, and for the very best results, a room that has controlled humidity and temperature levels.

Try To Only Load Clean Products Onto Your Crates

Unless you use timber crates to transport plants, gardening supplies or even animals, you should avoid putting dirt into crates to protect the wood from the harmful microorganisms and moisture.    It is also wise to only load very clean boxes and products on to them and transport them in clean and hygienic trucks.

Properly Seal And Stain Your Timber Crates

This tip, although optional, will definitely be of some use to some people reading this article.  Particularly if you are interested in giving a good impression of your business to your customers an clients when they receive a delivery.  Crates that look pristine and professionally polished give the impression that you take your business very seriously.

As well as the obvious aesthetic benefits, if you ship a lot of goods that are moist or have to store them outside, it makes sense to properly seal and stain them as an extra level of protection. 

Never Load Too Much Onto Your Timber Crates

Timber crates are used for their robustness and strength, though it is important to remember that even the strongest materials have limits.  Follow the weight and dimension restrictions applicable to your timber crates and ever exceed them.

Always Use The Appropriate Hardware Near Your Timber Crates

If you plan on using hardware or latches with or near your timber crates, be sure to only use those that are recommended to you by the manufacturer of your crates.  It is important to avoid using nails or screws that will either penetrate the wood too deeply or split it when they are removed.